Avoiding HVAC Scams during the COLD Weather Season

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Avoiding HVAC Scams during the COLD Weather Season

The cold weather is coming 🥶 Unfortunately this means that there will also be some HVAC contractors on the prowl for unsuspecting consumers they can take advantage of.

Air Dynamics would like to take a minute to expose one of the most commonly used tactics to help protect our community and its residents from falling prey to this “slick trick”. Thus, making sure that you and your family are continually receiving reliable information about the safety of your furnace. Read on for more information on how to protect you & your loved ones from falling for this deceitful practice.

Failed Heat Exchanger Scam

Failed heat exchangers are the number one scam of the heating season. A tech arrives runs some test and informs you you have a cracked or damaged heat exchanger. They will then tell you they need to lock the furnace out for your safety and the heater must be replaced.

Leaving you with no heat and few options. Many of these companies will then tell you if you agree to a replacement today they have specials running to ensure you get a great price.

The Fact Is: Although a cracked or damaged heat exchanger does require a replacement of your furnace we oftentimes find that very few have actually been properly tested.

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Falling for this Commonly Used Scam

1. Call Air Dynamics HVAC if you have concerns that your HVAC system is not functioning properly. At Air Dynamics, you can rest assured knowing that you will always get an honest answer and appropriate recommendation for remediation of your issue.

Remember NEVER allow any technician to pressure you into making an “on the spot” decision due to a cracked heat exchanger “lock-out.” Unfortunately, there are a number of companies today that will utilize this high-pressure situation to their advantage. Claiming that if you were to agree on a replacement today; they are running specials that can help ensure you get a great price.

2. If however, you are in a situation with another contractor who has advised you of a “cracked heat exchanger” DON’T PANIC instead ask the technician how they determined that the heat exchanger is in fact cracked. If the Technician cannot give you a clear answer STOP and call a reputable company like Air Dynamics HVAC.

3. Lastly, BE SURE to ask the technician to show you how they determined that there is a crack present; and where the leak is originating from. If you are uncomfortable with the response or aren’t sure STOP and get a second opinion.

There are multiple ways to test heat exchangers. However, the most common should include a smoke test, CO testing, and/or combustion testing.

If none of these tests were performed we strongly suggest getting a second opinion prior to making any decisions. There is a good chance you are being scammed. To have a professional come out to your home or business give the Pros at Air Dynamics HVAC a Call today! Our experts are available 7-days a week, 24 hours a day. Simply give a call to our friendly support staff and let them know what you need. Our team is standing by & ready to assist you in scheduling an appointment that is convenient for you, with one of our highly trained technicians.

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