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It’s a well-known fact that HVAC systems consume more energy than anything else in most commercial buildings. It’s no wonder why we are constantly searching for the next best innovation; to help keep these energy suckers to a minimum, while still providing optimal comfort levels & consistent reliability.

An insufficient or older unit can easily have an enormous impact on your facilities’ monthly energy bills.

Why Consider a Chiller Boiler System?

While it’s true that some traditional HVAC systems are more efficient than others; a chiller boiler system can be a great alternative to a typical forced-air system. This is because a chiller boiler system is hydronic; meaning it uses water rather than forced air to heat and cool the designated area(s).

Did you know, the idea of hydronic heating is nothing new? Romans often used this style of radiant heat to warm their public bathhouses. In fact, the hypocaust is considered one of the most ancient forms of an HVAC system; with its earliest reference dating as far back as 350 BC. As noted UNRV in their article detailing the use of the hypocaust during the Roman era.

…even the Romans could see the benefits of radiant heat!
ROMAN Hypocaust
Air Dynamics HVAC | Roman Hypocaust

By using this particular method of heating; A chiller boiler system warms your structure using radiant heat instead of hot water. Similar to that of the ancient hypocaust.

Modern chiller boiler systems like the ones offered by Air Dynamics, produce the same even temperature results throughout a building; using heat that is specifically designed to warm the room from water-filled copper and aluminum pipes.

Combined with the proper automation controls, a chiller boiler system can offer a great opportunity to capitalize on energy efficiency; while providing the best possible return on your investment.

While these systems are excellent for saving money on overall energy costs for most commercial structures; they are not necessarily the right solution for every commercial building. An expert from Air Dynamics can help you determine if adding a chiller boiler system is the right solution for your individual building size and needs.

For the majority of larger commercial facilities; choosing to install a new chiller boiler system might not be the most cost-efficient solution. However, they can work exceptionally well for smaller ones.

Instead, Air Dynamics recommends looking into a VRF System to maintain optimal efficiency rather than the chiller boiler systems discussed here if you have a larger commercial structure.

As we mentioned earlier, typical HVAC systems use forced air to heat and cool. Whereas a chiller boiler system is hydronic, meaning that it uses water — which given a properly suited building can be far more efficient when it comes to providing even temperatures throughout. This is partly due to the fact that these systems are attached to the buildings’ pre-existing water supply.

A professional from our team can help you determine the most cost-efficient solution for your buildings’ heating & cooling needs. For more information, or immediate HVAC assistance we can be reached 24/7 at (215)571-9471.

Chiller Boiler System- Basics

Chiller boiler systems typically include a chiller, boilerpumps and any necessary HVAC controls. Most chiller boiler systems are designed for large residential and small commercial structures.

These systems are hydronic, meaning they use water instead of air to heat and cool a structure. A properly designed hydronic system is oftentimes far more efficient than a standard forced-air system.

A chiller boiler system uses radiant heating and fan coil systems in order to properly condition a building. This allows for multiple zones (a thermostat in each designated area) for increased comfort and overall decreased energy use.


Maintenance tasks vary based on the type and size of your unit, but some of the most important regular maintenance procedures include conducting leak testing, chemical water treatment to reduce scale buildup, as well as performing annual cleaning of the chiller’s heat-transfer tubes.

All boilers collect water deposits within the tubes. Automatic blowdown controls will then remove a portion of that water, replacing it with fresh chemically treated water. This specific process helps to manage and control the accumulating deposits. If the deposits are not regularly removed; the resulting accumulation in your boiler’s tubes will greatly reduce its overall operating efficiency.

In order for the blowdown process to be effective, the rate in which water is removed and replenished must be properly scheduled. If the blowdown rate is not properly set your boiler could experience a loss in energy or increase in excess scale buildup.

Fine-tuning the boiler’s combustion controls will limit the excess air introduced into the boiler and, consequently, increase its periodic operating efficiency.

Combustion efficiency for the mixture of fuel and air in your boiler is vital to its continued ability to operate properly. Too much oxygen reduces the operating efficiency of the boiler and causes undesirable pollutants.

Our expert technicians at Air Dynamics can help you determine what proper maintenance routine is required; to keep your unit operating at its peak efficiency year-round.

Lets Talk – Motors

Commercial buildings often have many more motors running in their HVAC systems than their owners are aware of. Too often these motors have a rated horsepower that is not properly suited for the load it is driving. This situation is a primary cause of energy inefficiency but also a simple opportunity to notably affect energy consumption. Our technicians at Air Dynamics can help you determine if your facility has a proper motor to handle the average daily load of your building.

Induction motors in most modern-day air conditioning systems are generally effective and dependable. However, you can expect to see a significant decline in efficiency when they are running under partial load circumstances. Replacing a mismatched motor with one that pairs the correct horsepower to the systems load needs; is one easy way to make a big impact on those monthly utility bills.

In fact, improvements in motor designs have given rise to a new breed of motors that operate an average of 2%-8% more effectively. Combining this new and superior efficiency technology with a proper horsepower-to-load balance is sure to provide a relatively quick return on your investment.

Our goal at Air Dynamics is to help educate our customers about HVAC in Mechanical, Commercial, and Residential settings. For more information on commercial systems and how they work, or to view projects we’ve worked on, please check out the following.

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