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All Fuel-burning appliances and engines produce carbon monoxide, as do some chemical products, such as paint strippers. When CO-producing products are used with appropriate ventilation and fuel-burning appliances are working properly, there isn’t normally a cause for concern. But if CO-producing products are used in a closed space, carbon monoxide can quickly build up to dangerous levels. At Air Dynamics, we recommend being aware of the following warning signs that could indicate a potential carbon monoxide leak in your home or office.

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Carbon Monoxide Leak: What To Look For

  • Flames or pilot lights on your gas stove that are normally blue have now turned yellow.
  • Your pilot light on your gas stove or furnace continually goes out.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a sign it could be malfunctioning and emitting carbon monoxide
  • Moisture building up on windows and walls, especially if they are in close proximity to a fuel-burning appliance.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Condensation could also be the result of excessive moisture in your home. It’s important to rule out other possibilities before concluding it may be a carbon monoxide leak
  • A sudden stale or stuffy smell in a clean home that is not normally present otherwise.
  • You notice a burning smell.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The smell wouldn’t necessarily be from carbon monoxide itself. Rather it could be an indicator that you potentially have other toxic gases currently being emitted from malfunctioning equipment. 
  • Members of your household are feeling unwell and appear to get better when leaving the home.
Early symptoms of exposure to CO, after breathing it for a short time, include:
  • Dull headache
  • Shortness of breath during mild exertion
  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Dizziness
Continued exposure to high levels of CO may result in:
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Visual disturbances, such as blurred vision
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Unconsciousness potentially leading to death

If you suspect you or a loved one has been exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide DO NOT WAIT immediately seek medical attention. A blood test will be able to accurately confirm or negate the presence of carbon monoxide in your body.

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